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Northern Lights Festival Volunteer Application - CODE OF ETHICS


Northern Lights Festival is very pleased to have volunteers commit their time to help make our festival a great success. Their efforts, and those of many, many others, are a part of a larger effort to achieve our mission which is: to engage the world in the heritage and culture of Northern BC.

As with any event of this scale, there must be guidelines to follow. Please read on for a summary of expected volunteer practices and behaviours at the festival.

You have the right to:

  • Invitation to volunteer-only events.

  • Information about festival policies and procedures.

  • Recognition as a volunteer.

  • Appreciation for the contribution you make.

We Expect You To:

  • Attend on-site volunteer orientation.

  • Be aware of the time commitment and responsibilities of your task(s) prior to accepting a role, and honour that commitment.

  • Be on time for all meetings and activities associated with your task(s).

  • Inform your Crew Chief quickly if you are unable to meet any of your responsibilities.

  • Ask a Crew Chief if you don’t know the answer to a question, and report problems to any Crew Chief or Volunteer Coordinator.

Please Note:

  • Be a responsible and enthusiastic Northern Lights Festival and Fort Nelson ambassador.

  • Do not commit illegal, violent or unsafe acts.

  • Do not show up intoxicated to your volunteer shift.

  • Unfortunately, children are not allowed to accompany you during your shift.

  • Treat everyone at the festival and volunteer camp with respect. No abusive language.

  • Keep confidential any information that Northern Lights Festival has entrusted to you.

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