William Mimnaugh (stage name wiL) is a contemporary roots artist who makes his home on Vancouver Island, Canada. Coined by press as the "Best. Acoustic. Guitar. Player. Ever",heis first to maintain that is simply not true; but will concede topossessing a very particular style cultivated through years of experience both on and off the road.As such he has earned himself thehonour of sharing the stage with a host of music heavyweights including Ray LaMontagne, Mavis Staples, Feist and Burton Cummings to name just a few. Name dropping aside, it’s the sheer act of performing live that wiL loves the most. Whether solo, trio or with 'just his drummer', Mimnaughis in his element, delivering his eclectic arsenal of catchy roots infused rock with a dichotomous mixture of delicate beauty and fierce fiery vengeance.

MARCH 20th, 2020